5 of the Best Tor Alternatives for Anonymous Browsing


When you want to go online and remain anonymous, you might consider using a browser like Tor. Tor works by making a connection through thousands of relays and making it difficult to pinpoint your location.

Tor can be a great tool to keep users anonymous, but it does have its drawbacks that may push users to try something new. For example, it is known to reduce your bandwidth speed. Fortunately, there are various Tor alternatives that you can use to keep yourself anonymous while you’re online.

1. I2P

I2P is a Tor alternative that uses DarkNet technology, and it can also encrypt your data in layers. It is also known as the Invisible Internet Project, and thanks to the private and public keys, I2P is able to encrypt the network traffic. I2P creates a layer inside UDP and TCP/IP.


With I2P you’ll be using a Tor alternative that offers secure privacy protection. The peers for I2P are chosen based on ranking performance and profiling and not claimed capabilities.

2. FreeNet

FreeNet functions as a peer-to-peer security platform and makes sure that you surf the Web anonymously and securely. It also supports OpenNet and Darknet Technologies.


FreeNet doesn’t have a central server, so the probabilities of it being hacked someday are very low. Even the people who are responsible for the maintenance of FreeNet don’t have access to users’ information. The information that is stored by FreeNet is encrypted before it reaches their servers, making it indestructible for trackers and hackers.

3. Disconnect

Disconnect is considered more of a supplement rather than an independent Tor alternative. What Disconnect does is that it disconnects you from sites it detects are tracking you. It will block that site, thus keeping your privacy safe.


Disconnect is available for Windows, iOS, and Android. Disconnect has three accounts you can use: Basic, Pro, and Premium. With the Basic account you get protection for a single browser, block trackers and the ability to search privately.

With the Pro account you can block trackers and malware on your entire device, and your Internet connection will be 44% faster. Your browsing experience will use 39% less bandwidth, and you will also save battery life.

If you go Premium, you enjoy all of the previously mentioned features, and your WiFi will also be secured – your location will be masked with the company’s VPN. Disconnect will also prevent all that unnecessary code from running to help you save some valuable battery life.

4. Whonix

Whonix will give you the privacy you’re looking for and also runs on Linux. It will conceal your IP address when you’re online, and it’s made to function inside a VM and impaired with Tor.


It uses a unique network named “Whonix-Workstation” that runs on a private system. Whonix features two virtual network interfaces. One of them connects to the Web through NAT that contacts the Tor network. The remaining network interface is coupled with a virtual LAN.

5. Yandex Browser

The Russian tech giant Yandex brings us one of their most significant products: the Yandex Browser. Thanks to this browser, your information will be safe since it prevents tracking, and it can also scans files for malware that will try to steal your information.


The browser also features online privacy and security plugins you can add for more added protection. You can choose from plugins such as those that disable flash, ad-blockers, and those that protect you from unsafe sites. You can still use this Tor alternative even if you have Windows 7. It will also work on Mac and Linux.

Yandex features DNS spoofing protection that will encrypt your data and prevent cache poisoning attacks.


With all the digital dangers out there, you can never be too careful when it comes to keeping your information safe. The more security measures you take, the better. You’ll be just fine with any of the above options if you don’t use Tor. Which one are you leaning towards? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. “5. Yandex Browser”
    I have to ask the obvious question – Who has certified that Yandex is as good as TOR and is not spying on its users? I would be suspicious of any software coming out of Russia.

    1. Right, exactly. I would be circumspect about anything Russ.. nothing against Russians but I wouldn’t trust there software IMO.

  2. First? Not going to touch anything from Russia, and its not because of the whole spy-thing, its because of the political things going on now. Just don’t wanna add fuel to the fire. Secondly Disconnect? yeah….the whole “pay levels” smells way too much like McAfee / Symantec. Where you have to pay for protection that might not really protect you! Listen there’s nothing too complicated that can’t be fixed with informing yourself with knowledge, and some good tools. Such as:
    You don’t need to install “pay-up-or-else” applications….nor do you want to mess with software that is of “questionable” character. To use the mantra of the Open Source community? K-eep I-t S-imple S-illy (K.I.S.S.) no need building nuclear-powered-solar-charged-diesel-fueled FLYSWATTERS!…..LoL! Just my thoughts on the matter.

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