Tenorshare Partition Manager: Create, Format, and Resize Disk Partitions from Windows

Tenorshare Partition Manager allows users to easily create a new partition, resize/format an existing partition, or simply delete a particular partition on their hard disk.


Tenorshare Partition Manager is a Windows application. To get started, simply download the application and install it on your system. Once installed, open Tenorshare Partition Manager and you will see all the disk partitions on your system. Alongside the partitions are information on the drive alphabet, total allocated space, used space details, file system and the partition type.

All you need to do is select the partition you want to modify and click on “Partition” option from the task bar. After making the required changes (e.g creating a new partition or formatting an existing partition), simply open the changes menu and click on Apply.


The application offers simple and easy to use interface that can be used by any computer user who want to manage their partitions.


  • Provides a breakdown of all the installed partitions
  • Simply and easy to use interface
  • Create, resize, format or delete partitions

Rating: 3.5/5

Download: Tenorshare Partition Manager

Hammad Hammad

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  1. I have an external HDD with a single NTFS partition, but lots of free space on it. Can I use the free space to create a second partition for a Mac without losing the data on the NTFS partition?

    1. Yes. You can. Shrinking partition will not delete the data. However it is best that you back up your files before you start to resize the partition.

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