How to Sync and Unsync My Contacts on Facebook Messenger

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Facebook Messenger may not be everyone’s primary messaging service, but it can still be useful as a second option. Even as your second option, you still probably want to have your contacts on it to keep in touch.

To always have access to your contacts regardless of which device you’re using, it’s a must that you sync them. This is an easy task, so the instructions are easy to follow. The following guide will show you everything you need to know to sync all your Messenger contacts.

How to Sync Your Facebook Messenger Contacts

To sync your phone’s contacts with Messenger, open the messaging app and tap on the people icon at the bottom (the icon in the middle). When you’re in the people section, tap on the contact icon at the top right.

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The “Sync Contacts” option will be at the top. Tap on it and Messenger will show you a message showing you what turning this option on will do. By enabling it, Messenger and Facebook can suggest connections you might be interested in; that way you can connect with every single friend on your contact list.

Another way you can get to the People section is by tapping on your profile picture. Once you’re there, swipe down, and the People option will be the fifth one down.

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Select the “Upload contacts” option, and you’ll get the same message letting you know how your experience will be improved by adding your contacts. If you ever change your mind and want to turn this feature off, you can. Follow the steps you took to turn it on, and once again tap on the Upload Contacts option.

How to Sync and Unsync Your Contacts on Messenger Lite

Since Messenger Lite doesn’t have all the things that the regular app does, you might think that the steps differ with this app, and they do. With the light version of Messenger, tap on the cog wheel when you first open the app. You’ll find it at the top-right of your display.

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The same steps apply if you want to turn the feature off, just toggle the option from on to off. The name of the feature varies in this option since in the light version it says “Sync Phone Contacts” while in the standard Messenger app it will say to “Upload Contacts.”

How to Syn and Unsync Your Contacts on Messenger for iOS

The steps to sync and unsync your contacts on Messenger for iOS are the same as for Android. Tap on the people icon in the middle -> contact icon at the top, and choose the Upload Contacts option.

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Syncing your contacts on Messenger is a task that can be done quickly. Depending on whether you’re using the standard or light version, it will depend on the way the steps can vary, but only slightly.

The app will always ask you if you want to do this when you first install it, but it’s good to know that you can still do it later.

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