Should We Be Concerned with the NSA and Our Privacy? [Poll]

If you follow the news, the headlines are telling us we should be concerned about NSA and our privacy on cell phones and the Internet. After all, the Government wouldn’t have decided to bring charges against Edward Snowden for leaking the information unless it was of major importance to them that it remained a secret. But is this something that is going to affect us? Should we also be concerned with the NSA and our privacy?

It’s easy just to pass it all off and assume it’s not true or think that it’s never going to affect us. But this was information that Snowden viewed so important that he was willing to risk it all to inform the public. According to him a division of Verizon was ordered to provided metadata of phone calls on a daily basis to NSA. Additionally, there is a surveillance program entitled PRISM that gives the NSA access to email, web searches, and other Internet traffic. It would seem according to this that the NSA is following everything we do electronically.

What is your opinion? Should we be concerned with the NSA and our privacy on the Internet? Let us know in the poll below.

Here are the results of last week’s poll:


Overwhelmingly, the opinion is that children under 12 years of age shouldn’t carry a smartphone, with almost two-thirds believing it’s not a good idea. The others believe it’s okay with adult supervision or to use a parent’s phone, while the smallest section believe that smartphones help keep kids safe.

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  1. We should be concerned not only about NSA, but Google, department stores, grocery stores, DMV, Social Security Administration, our bosses, etc. We should be concerned about anybody that maintains a database. We have lost our privacy long time ago.

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