How to See the Number of Files in a Google Drive Folder [Quick Tips]

How to See the Number of Files in a Google Drive Folder [Quick Tips]

If you have stored many files in a Google Drive folder, you will find it difficult to see how many files are in there because the site does not have an option that lets you see the file count.

Using the workaround below, though, you should be able to see the number of files that are available in a Google Drive folder. These workarounds require no third-party apps or tools, and you can do it right from your browser.

Here are two of the ways to find out how many files are in a Google Drive folder.

1. Drag But Do Not Drop Method

1. Open the Google Drive folder to see the available files.

2. Scroll all the way down until all of your files are loaded. If you do not do this, you will only get the count of the files that have been loaded.

3. Select all the files using the “Shift + A” key combination.

4. Once all the files are selected, drag as if you are going to drop them into another folder, but do not drop – just leave them there.


When you do that you should see the count of the files in a small rounded shape. That is the number of files you have in your Google Drive folder.

2. Using the Share Dialog Box to See the Number of Files

In this method you will click the Share button as if you are going to share the files, but you will not actually do that.

1. Open the Google Drive folder, and get to the end of the folder so that all the files load.

2. Press the “Shift + A” key combo to select all the files on the screen.

3. Right-click on any one file and select “Share…”


4. On the following screen you should be able to see the number of files you have in the folder in the brackets next to the words “Share with others.”gdrivecount-count


If you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to count the files that exist in a folder on Google Drive, the quick tips above should help you do that.

Mahesh Makvana Mahesh Makvana

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  1. Mahesh – these methods are fine but there is a small angle: Folders are used as ONE FILE in the count, ignoring the number of files INSIDE such folders. So the count you get is not accurate at all.

    It is a pity the is not a better built-in way to see this information at a glance.

  2. Hi Chagri,

    I’m sorry I didn’t get what you said. Do you mean the count that we get is inaccurate? Is it not correct?

    1. The count (no. of files) is not accurate if inside the folder there are more folders. Example: You have 1 folder with 3 files and 2 folders inside, and each folder has 2 files inside, this method will tell you that you have 5 files (3 files + 2 folders), while in reality there are 7 files (3 files in the first folder + 2 files in the inner folder + 2 in the other inner folder). Basically, this method counts “items” (files and folders) and not files as such.

  3. Sir….By this we can select maximum 1000 items…..what i do if i have files more than 1000…..can u please email me my answer .

  4. Great information Mahesh! Thank you for the information!
    I understand the limitation that the other responders have indicated, but even within Windows, a folder among the files in the parent folder will only be referenced as one item in that parent folder. Granted, there is no right-click option for the Google drive folders, but your technique Mahesh is a great benefit over estimating the count.
    Thank you sir!

  5. Also, I’m not sure if there has been a resolve since Aditya posted their comment. I had a folder with 1514 files, and using Mahesh’s technique above, it indicated the correct number.
    Thank you again Mahesh!

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