Is Coding/Programming Something You Plan to Learn in 2016?


It used to be that to do anything on a computer, you needed to know your way around coding. That has changed with the advances in technology over the years, but that doesn’t lessen people’s desire to learn it. Is coding/programming something you plan to learn in 2016?

You can making your way around doing many things on a computer without having to know coding and programming. And if you’re primarily using some type of a mobile device, such as if you primarily use a smartphone or tablet, then it is certainly not a need of yours.

But what if you just happen to find coding and programming interesting? It’s not too late, as there are still plenty of systems and uses for coding and programming. Just like how there are still DSLR cameras even though everyone has a camera on their smartphone, you can still learn the art of programming and coding even if you have apps that do everything you want on your computer or mobile device.

Are coding and programming becoming a lost art? Do you have no use for it now that we have made so many advances in technology? Or are you considering learning coding and programming?

Is coding/programming something you plan to learn in 2016?

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  1. I really like interpreter programming languages and I’m a PHP programmer already. Anyway I decide to learn Python this year, Programming is so fun and enjoyable.

    1. You should give APL (specifically, APL2), a try! It’s loads of fun and interpretive. No waiting around waiting for links to run or compile. Ugh! I have also found that programming in APL2 enables you to think better. No kidding! APL2 is an IBM Program Product. The other APL’s are not the same. They are fakes, Go to to get the facts on APL2.

  2. I have no coding skills whatsoever, but I’ve come to realize, that even though its might not be needed for the home user, the corporate world is still in desperate need of people who can “code” and otthat end I’m going to be learning Ruby, JavaScript, and Python beginning this year, and hopefully I can find a career that will allow me to use those skills to do something productive.

  3. After having programmed in several languages over many years, I am trying to forget that coding exists.

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