Is the New iOS 7 Innovative? [Poll]

Apple has listened to its share of criticism this year. Their stock prices have fallen a great deal, and the more publicity that receives, the more the prices fall. Some of their detractors are saying that the problem is not being as innovative as they once were. Yet after the Apple Keynote at the WWDC, Make Tech Easier asks, “Is the new iOS 7 innovative?”

One of the highlights to Apple’s Keynote was the announcement of iOS 7. They are promising that it has been completely redesigned. It has a whole new bright look to its design and now includes a Control Center that is easy to use, right at your fingertips. The multitasking function has also been changed. The apps now update in the background, and the Notifications are now more intuitive. AirDrop was introduced as well, allowing users to share content with other users nearby.

Yet, is this innovative? Can a complete redesign, albeit simple, a few new features and updated functions be considered cutting edge? What is your opinion? Is the new iOS 7 innovative? Let us know in the poll below.

Here are the results of last week’s poll:


Those who aren’t parents yet are split evenly over if they will control their children using the Internet once they become parents. Those who are parents control their kids’ use of the Internet, while most only do it moderately with the remaining parents controlling everything their kids do while online. This might not speak well for kids, as the answer that received the least votes was not controlling kids because the parents trust them completely.

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