Is Advancing Technology a Good Thing?

There was a time when any advancement in technology seemed like a good thing, but the further and further we get with it, it’s become less and less of a slam dunk. Is it too much of a good thing?

The goal with developers seems to be for our technology to do everything for us. It won’t be long until we’re living in that world that we used to see in TV and movies that used to seem so far away. We succeeded. But is this really what we want? We no longer have to think as much anymore as our devices and machines do it for us. Take for instance spelling. We don’t need to know how to spell anymore because everything we use has a spellchecker. So why even try to spell the right way? Our machine will find the mistake and just fix it for us. But sometimes auto-correct seems to cause even more problems. And isn’t this making us a little dumber now that we don’t even have to know how to spell?

Is this a good thing? Is it good that technology has advanced so much we no longer have to think about things so mundane as spelling? Or is this a bad thing because it’s taking the population in a whole new scary direction?

Is advancing technology a good thing?

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  1. Actually the answer to the poll question is “All of the above.” Some advances are good, some are bad. Some help us and some make us dumber. To try and fit all the advances in technology into one neat pigeon hole is ludicrous.

    As far as spellcheckers go, we cannot rely on them (although the lazy do) because they cannot differentiate between homonyms, making for some interesting sentences.

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