How to Install Google Play Services on Your Android Phone

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If you’ve rooted your phone, installed a custom ROM or own one of the approximately three Android phones that don’t come with Google’s entire ecosystem baked into them, then you probably don’t have Google Play Services – the package that lets various apps and services communicate with each other as well as carry out various background functions.

The good news is that so long as your Android phone isn’t ancient, you should be able to download and install Google Play Services in your Android phone. Once you have Services, you’ll also be able to use the Google Play Store, which we also have an installation guide for.

First, you’ll need to allow apps from unknown sources on your phone.


That’s because you’ll be downloading the Play Services and Framework APK files from a third-party site called APK Mirror through your browser. This is a trusted and popular site for downloading APKs (essentially, compressed archives of Android apps, which you download then install onto your phone).

Next, you’ll need to download the version of Google Services Framework corresponding to your Android version number. Once it’s downloaded, navigate to the Downloads folder on your device and install it.

Go to the Play Services APK Mirror page. Then download the Play Services APK corresponding to the architecture of your phone’s CPU chipset. We recommend first looking up which SoC your phone has, then entering that SoC name into WikiChip to find your phone’s chipset architecture (ISA).

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You’ll see that some variants of the Play Services APKs work for both the v7a and v8a architectures. Get one of these (unless you have x86 architecture.

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Once you’ve picked the correct variant, scroll down and tap “Download APK” then tap OK to download.

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Open the APK file on your phone, then tap Install. And you’re done!

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If you want to keep playing around on your Android phone, check out our list of the best hacking apps for Android. If you’re inclined to root your phone, then we also recommend installing the excellent TWRP recovery to help manage your rooted phone data.

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