Do You Use Beta Versions of OS and Apps?

Do You Use Beta Versions of OS and Apps?

Beta versions of operating systems and apps are often available and are great for getting a preview of what’s to come. But not everyone takes advantage of them as they are often unstable and can lead to damage to your hard drive or brick your device. Do you take advantage of beta versions of OS and apps?

The developers of OS and apps often make beta versions available to the public, and it must be helpful to them. They ask for feedback on these versions, and that helps them make the final adjustments before they make a full release of the version. And for the users, getting a preview of what is to come in the full release is great. They can test out all the changes and new additions and report back on what they like and what they don’t.

However, it’s not always safe and smooth sailing. There are always several warnings on beta versions that they might cause harm and that you should back up your data before downloading the beta just in case. If you don’t heed the warning, you’re proceeding at your own risk. For this reason, some people just decided to forego the beta versions altogether.

How about you? Do you forego the beta versions because it’s easier than dealing with trouble should it happen to you? Or do you download the beta versions and take the risk because it’s so exciting to try out the previews of what’s to come?

Do you use beta versions of OS and apps?

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  1. I do not and will not use beta versions. Not because I am not a “risk taker” but because I do not want to waste the time to fix any problems caused by beta software. After many years of stress-testing software for a living, I’ll let someone else find the bugs.

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